David Cameron v Ed Milliband

After a night of emotion and remarkable results, the General Election 2015 is now over. The country has now turned blue with Scotland a distinct yellow in favour of the SNP. Labour and the Liberal Democrats took a bashing with the people of England and Wales deciding to stick with what they know and give David Cameron another five years to finish the job. 

I photographed the former Labour leader Ed Milliband a couple of months ago on the campaign trail in Gloucestershire. He seemed like a nice guy, more relaxed and tuned in than the impression I got from watching him on TV. After five years as leader he's now looking for a new job. As for David Cameron... I hope he does well and doesn't send the country to sleep, unlike the audience members in a speech he gave a few years back! :-)

Historical Re-enactment Group

Seven Dials Rapscallions Historical Re-enactment Group

I took a few portraits today of the Seven Dials Rapscallions Historical Re-enactment Group today ( that's a mouthful! ). I'm fascinated with history and learning about how people lived hundreds of years ago, so this job was a joy. The costumes and acting of the group were amazing. They really sucked me in and made me believe I was transported back in time.

Former Top Gear star Richard Hammond visits GCHQ with the Severn Freewheelers

Being such a huge Top Gear fan i was excited to meet and photograph one of the three amigos Mr Richard Hammond today. It was made even better by having the opportunity to go inside the infamous GCHQ offices in Cheltenham. Richard was there with the Severn Freewheelers who were receiving a blood bike bought for them by GCHQ.

Running Man

Enjoyed a fun magazine shoot last night photographing Tim Perkin on Cleeve Hill, Cheltenham.  Tim has bravely battled cancer and is amazingly now going to be running this years London marathon. A few running magazines were interested in Tims incredible story which should hopefully be in this months issues. Good luck Tim! A few examples of the shoot are below!