MY photography style

Lets face it the majority of people always feel a little self conscious when being photographed, I know I do! Most people are most at ease and relaxed when a camera isn't being pointed at them which is why I photograph every wedding in a reportage / documentary style. This technique enables me to capture natural moments when people are being themselves. I use my creativity and intelligent use of angles and lighting to make every image fun, interesting and special. I never stage manage a wedding and instead let things evolve naturally.



DETAILS - I photograph as many of the lovely fine details that have helped make your day so special. These will include the table decorations, food, flowers, bunting etc You have probably spent many hours, days, weeks or even years ( let's hope not! ) agonising over the nicest ribbon colour, the type of flowers and the coolest bunting so there's no way you're not going to have a picture to remember them! :-)

WHY HIRE ME - I am a friendly, creative, professional photographer that gives you 100% commitment to you and your wedding. I am always on hand to discuss your day.  I LOVE what I do and my aim is to produce images that show my passion and dedication to my craft! My style is documentary with a hint of fine art. There will be many occasions when you will not even notice me as I blend in with your guests, always on hand to capture the spontaneous joyful moments that occur when you least expect it. Weddings are about energy, love, laughter and fun. The images I produce will encapsulate all of these emotions.  


STYLE & CREATIVITY - I offer you a style of photography that is unobtrusive, relaxed, unique and different. I document your day and most importantly don’t take over the day. I capture natural moments so you won’t find me setting up cheesy shots or hear me shouting orders to guests. The last thing you won’t is to remember your day and immediately think of the photographer. I capture real life moments with the minimum of fuss. Your images will be vibrant, creative and fun!!  

DEDICATION & COMMITMENT - I offer you 100% dedication & commitment to you and your wedding from start to finish. I am always at the end of the phone ready to put your mind at ease, talk through anything you're unsure about and will help you in whatever way I can.

PROFESSIONALISM & EXPERIENCE - I take great pride in my professionalism and the service I offer. From your first point of contact, meeting your friends and family to receiving your images I am always friendly, courteous and professional. I have over 14 years experience shooting weddings, press, celebrities and PR events all over the UK and abroad.

EQUIPMENT & EDITING - My equipment of choice is Nikon. I carry two D750's with speedlights, multiple batteries and SD cards. No external power outlets are required. I love editing my images and spend many hours / days sorting through your pictures to ensure they are 100%. I use the latest computer software to help produce stunning images in the style you see displayed on my website. My pictures are edited using colour and monochrome techniques and sometimes grainy as thats the style I love.

PRICE & SERVICE - I am confident that I offer fantastic value for money. Premium photography at a price that is fair and representative of both my skill set and experience. 

VERSATILITY & PASSION - With experience comes versatility. Having photographed in every environment imaginable over the years I'm fully able to capture & produce stunning images whether it rains, snows or shines! I am extremely passionate about the job that I do and take great pride in the work that I produce. I am always learning and researching photography techniques and styles to stay up to date and current.