Queen Quitarist Brian May

An opportunity to photograph one of the greatest guitar players of his generation and once part of the biggest band in the world Queen doesn't come around very often! This was my chance to photograph Brian May! The event was an unveiling of a plaque and not surprisingly I was not alone with a camera. There were hundreds of people gathered to see the legend a well as the dozen or so press guys. I pushed my way to the front shouting 'press' and 'coming through' aside from a few unpleasant sideways glances I got myself to the front.

I knew I wanted something different to the rest of the press guys and so after the official unveiling etc I followed Brian and the other celebs backstage to the function room. This was my moment as for a brief few seconds Brian was alone and had a nice neutral backdrop behind him. I quickly went over and introduced myself and told Brian what I wanted. Thankfully he was as nice as pie and happily posed up. It was all over in a blink of an eye!